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Bio:I am seventeen, going I. Eighteen in about two weeks and I love CSI- all of them. The cases intrigue me and the relationships between the characters fill me with the need to read fanfic and write fanfics about them. Plus, I really just enjoy puzzles and am rather morbid so things such as death fasinate me.

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Summary: Secrecy. Annoying. Stuck-up. If you were to ask Eric Delko to describe his co-worker, Ryan Wolfe, these would be the words you would here. Speed, a link between them unknown to Eric, lets loose a secret. Ryan has a daughter whom he's raised himself since her infancy. Only knowing of Ryan's Uncle Ron, Eric finds himself thrust into a chaotic world of Ryan's family, learning that he's already unintentionally been ranting to two of the members about him. Learning the secrets to the OCD, the secrecy, and the carefully hidden pain brings new understanding and feelings to the fore as the CSI: MIami crew is allowed to know what makes Ryan Wolfe tick.

Updated: 04 Dec 2009; Published: 08 Oct 2009