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Real name: Nathalie
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Bio:Hey! I'm 21. I love reading & writing fanfic because, let's face it, it's just great fun!

Like my talented writer friend, Silver, would say "Reviews are like orgasms, you can never get enough." lol



CSI:M quotes:

"Yes, I'm the fiber king. I'm the fiber king. Easy or hard?" -Horatio

"So, you're interested in a little excitement- how 'bout you're under arrest? Excited?" -Horatio

Al: "Find a good fiber lately?"
Horatio: "Just enough to keep me regular."

"Well, your boots say different, fella - you're coming with me." -Horatio

Calleigh: "Well, it looks like somebody's getting wet."
Eric: "Music to my ears."

"Personally, leather chaps... nothing else." -Calleigh

"Life is filled with surprises." -Horatio

"We know a picture is worth a thousand words." -Horatio

"Everyone has something to hide." -Horatio

"You get 'em back, when I say so." -Horatio

"Through the bikinis... perfect." -Horatio


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