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Category: CSI: NY - Ship Ahoy! > CSI: NY Other Het Pairings
Characters: Mac Taylor, Other
Rating: NC-17
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: Adult themes, Non-consensual

Summary: John Curtis wanted to really punish Jo for stopping him, for not letting him live his disgusting fantasies much longer - "Means To An And" seriously re-interpreted, framed within Jo/Mac.

Story Notes:
Author's Note: This story will include references to torture and rape. If you're not comfortable with that, this might not be your kind of story to read. I've studied crime for so many years now and have always had an issue with Means To An End (season 8, episode 9) that way. John Curtis was portrayed as the sort of felon who typically feeds on 'obsessions' (sexual intercourse, bondage), also believing himself absolutely invincible, that feeling only intensified by earlier successes not to get caught. Often enough, felons like those are intelligent, which is exactly why so many victims are made before police manage to identify them. As such, I don't believe that Curtis wouldn't be any more enraged, wouldn't vow to really punish Jo for being the direct cause for him ending in jail to begin with –– degrading her, like his prior victims. I don't believe he wouldn't know about the bullet in the gun's chamber either. This interpretation is mostly criminological/psychological. I did frame this in JAC-ness to soothe my soul..


Jo's laugh resounded throughout the hallway as Mac caught up with her at last, wrapping his arms around her waist and stopping her from running further away from him as he pulled her against his body. He pressed his lips to the back of her neck once, twice, running his nose along the side of her neck as she cocked her head slightly to offer him better access. Jo reached back and scrabbled at his sides as his hands began to roam higher and cup her breasts, as if testing their weight. She hissed as he squeezed gently, her breasts seeming to fit perfectly in the palms of his calloused yet gentle hands. What this man could do to her with his hands and mouth alone was unbelievable, and should be illegal, because whenever he touched her with such desire, she felt suddenly weak, wanton and uninhibited.

"You're so beautiful," Mac whispered in her ear as he ran a thumb across her nipple, feeling it strain against his digit, hardened with Jo's desire and want for him... again. He could feel his own want, his own arousal, pressing against her buttocks. It would be so easy to just bend her over the table in the hallway and slip inside her, before taking his own pleasure and giving her hers while at it.

Mac Taylor did possess a lot of restraint, but this gorgeous woman had a way of breaking even his very easily and very effectively, without much effort at all. He should have predicted that exactly this was going to happen when she stepped into the shower shortly after him, delaying his morning ritual and effectively making sure that he wouldn't get to work early as he had hoped. He should have known that she would not let him get away before she had gotten what she wanted from him that morning. He should have known that any efforts from his side to reason with her, to cease her trying to seduce him into morning sex until a more suitable moment, would be futile in the end.

Jo Danville was a very independent woman who, despite being loving and caring deeply about the people around her, with no qualms about showing it, could rarely be considered as acting very clingy. Mac thought he could compare her to a cat sometimes, an animal known for being independent yet cuddly on its own terms with the people it selected itself... and just like a cat, she had put her claws in him. He was her toy mouse, and she would not let him zoom off before she was satisfied. He couldn't say that he particularly minded that, even if it meant that he would not arrive early at work but maybe only just in time. There was no point trying to stop her at this point anyway, and he knew he wouldn't regret it. It was sometimes terrifying what power she had over him, his self-restraint and conduct.

He released his hold on her just enough for her to turn to face him in the embrace as he felt her body strain to do so, ignoring the water drops dripping on his chest from the tips of her raven hair. They had not really done any effort at all to dry themselves or each other properly. Mac briefly wondered if he hadn't passed the age to literally be running after female of any age at all, but Jo's playfulness and banter was so easy to succumb to and join in with. He loved how she shrieked and giggled like a little girl when he chased after her and caught her. He didn't recall any other time in his life in the last decade where he had felt this young. Claire had made him feel young, but he had been younger, too.

Unfortunately, the banter wouldn't last very long.