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Category: Crossovers > Slashed
Characters: Alexx Woods, Calleigh Duquesne, Eric Delko, Frank Tripp, Horatio Caine, Other, Ryan Wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Genres: Angst, Established Relationship, First Time, Hurt Comfort, Series
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: Aaron Hotchner decides he wants something that is no longer his partner of ten years, Spencer Reid. Reid runs to the one place he knows he will be safe to allow his heart to fully break; Miami Florida, and the home of Jason Gideon and his partner Horatio Caine. David Rossi isn't happy about any of this, and he's not going to let Hotch forget about it. Not mine, don't own, no money made here.

Story Notes:
Okay, so I haven't had a chance to see past season 5 so I'm pulling in characters I really know nothing about to try and make a story work out. So far, I have to say it seems to be working, but I'm also posting pretty much everything I've got until this point. Just what I need, one more WIP.

"Where's Reid?" Morgan asked around eight in the morning.

"Maybe he just hasn't checked in yet," Emily suggested, glancing up from the folder she was working with at her desk. "Did he have any appointments or anything?"

"No, if anything, he said he was going to come in early to work on something," Morgan said. "Rossi, man, have you seen Reid today?"

Rossi paused on his way back to his office. "No, I haven't," he said. "Aaron, where's Reid?"

"I don't know," Hotch said.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" Morgan demanded.

"Just that," Hotch said.

"Aaron, I think that Morgan has a valid concern," Rossi said, frowning. "Why don't we go and check on Reid and make sure he's okay?"


Rossi grabbed Hotch's arm and started walking him towards the elevator. "I thought you would see it my way," he said. "Morgan, hold down the fort until we're back."

Hotch waited until they were alone in the elevator before shaking off Rossi's hand and turning to glare at him. "What the hell, Dave?"

"How long have you been in a relationship with Spencer Reid, Aaron?" Rossi asked.


"Aaron, don't insult me by trying to lie about this, please," Rossi said. "I think that you and Spencer are probably the worst kept secret on our team. I knew within a day of my return that you were at the least sleeping with him, and, knowing you, knew that it was far more than that."

"Dave, you don't understand," Hotch said with a sigh.

"You're right, I don't, because you never try to talk about it," Rossi said. He stopped next to his truck. "In. If you try to run, I will shoot your ass."

Hotch glared at him, but got in the truck and buckled his seatbelt before crossing his arms over his chest. Rossi glanced over at him and snorted, but started the truck without comment and started towards the gate. "So, the question now is if Spencer has his own place or if the pair of you are living together?"
"He recently moved back into an apartment," Hotch said.

"By his choice or yours?" Rossi asked.

Silence was his only answer. There were times when Aaron Hotchner would be able to out-stubborn a mule without even trying. "Can you tell me the address or am I going to have to call the Bureau?"

Hotch rattled it off and wouldn't answer another question put to him until they arrived at the building. Rossi glanced over when Hotch made no effort to move. "The threat of shooting remains, Aaron. Out of the truck and show me which apartment is Reid's before I decide that shooting you is the better option."

"I didn't realize you cared so much about Reid," Hotch said.

"There's a lot you don't realize, Aaron," Rossi said. He trailed behind the other man as they climbed a flight of stairs. "Key."

He didn't even try to pretend like he didn't have one. Hotch handed it over and walked into the apartment when Rossi had the door open. Rossi stayed back for a moment and studied the room in front of him. Boxes lined the wall, stacked three high, likely full of books, and there was only one chair in what was probably the living room. He could see a raggedy old table in the next room and went towards it when Hotch showed no sign of moving forward. On the table were an envelope, some papers, a gun, a small box, and a wallet. Rossi picked up the wallet and opened it to find Reid's bureau ID. "There's a letter here addressed to you, Aaron," he said. "Along with something that looks very much like a sexual contract."

The last words finally spurred Hotch to movement. He crossed the room and snatched up the yellowed pages, folding them and sticking them into the inner pocket of his jacket without looking at them. Rossi just watched him and sighed. "Are you going to smack my hand if I try and hand you your letter? The one you seem so determined to ignore?"

Hotch picked up the envelope and looked at it for a long minute before handing it over with a sigh. "It's not like you're not going to find out anyway," he said. "Go ahead and read it. I think I know what it says already."

"Are you sure, Aaron?" Rossi asked.

"No, but Spencer hasn't spoken to me in two weeks," Hotch replied, looking weary. "I have a feeling this is his way of saying good-bye to me."

Rossi frowned, but opened the envelope and pulled out the letter to read.

Aaron, I'm not sure when you're going to find this, but I'm writing it on the tenth, if that makes any difference to you. I can't do this any longer. I can't sit at work and watch you when you have thrown me out of your life after so long. I remember the man you were, as far back as New York, when you cornered me in the bathroom and slipped a plug into my body. That was the night you allowed Jason to watch us, and set us upon a road that almost destroyed us both. If not for Jason and his infinite well of wisdom, I likely would have continued on the way I was until I destroyed us both. One thing never changed out of all of that though. I still have a hard time not giving you what you want, in the bedroom or out. Being tied up still terrifies me, but if you were to appear in my room and request it of me, I would agree, because it would mean you saw me as desirable again. As someone you wanted in your life. Someone you loved.

I'm the first to admit that I'm a novice when it comes to relationships, having no good role-model when growing up, but I've had any number of conversations with Jason over the years, and he's helped me learn what it is I need to do. Drawing up our contract also helped, all those years ago, to give me guidelines on what I could and couldn't do. I know you long doubted it, but the desire to have Jason join us in our relationship was real on my part. I'm also very glad that it didn't come about, because he's far happier now than I think I've ever heard him, and losing you like this would have destroyed him far more than anything that happened at work.

When you came home that day, and please do not pretend not to know which day I'm speaking about, I could tell you had something on your mind. I asked if there was anything you wanted to talk about, and you said no. You told me everything was fine and, I believe, that was the first time you lied to me. I don't know why you even bothered to try and lie to me, Aaron. I'm a profiler trained by some of the smartest and most accomplished in the field. I can tell when a man is lying to me, especially one that I'm close to. I didn't call you on that lie though, and I can't help but wonder if maybe I should have. If I'd called you on it then, if maybe we could have talked about whatever it was you were feeling and we wouldn't now be at this point.

You need to be more aware of your surroundings, Aaron. I followed you three days in a row and found out your secret before you told me that you wanted to end our relationship. Our almost ten year relationship. Did you even realize the day you broke up with me was our ten year anniversary? I'd bought something that I was going to give you that night, after the dinner I worked so hard not to ruin. After we'd spent the evening together on the sofa, watching that movie you've been trying to find time for for months. And you never even realized any of it, did you? You came home from work and ignored the table, the dinner I'd managed to cook for you, and told me that you were done with us and I needed to find somewhere new to live.

It was only luck that I found this place so quickly. The home we'd shared for so long was no longer warm for me. You wouldn't look at me. You wouldn't talk to me unless we were at work. You weren't home unless it was to change clothes and to sleep. You never told me the reason you wanted to end things, but I knew. I knew and I tried to fight back however I could, but I realized quickly that you stopped seeing me. I don't know when it was that you stopped seeing me, but I suspect it was weeks before you kicked me out of the home I helped you to build. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Everyone and everything I've ever loved leaves me in the end.

I'm leaving the Bureau. Right now I don't think I would stop someone that was shooting at me. I'm a risk to the team, and will not risk Morgan, Emily, and Rossi like that. I don't want them to have to wash my blood from their hands. Were I to be injured now, I don't have the will to fight back, and I don't want to hurt them like that. Tell them I'm fine. That I've moved on and am happy. It's a lie, but they won't ever have to know that. I'll be in touch with the Bureau in a week or two, let them know that I'm retiring early. I don't think any of them will be surprised. I've left my gun, badge, and phone on the table. Along with the thing I bought for our anniversary. I don't know what you'll do with it, but it brings me too much pain to keep.

I wish you happiness with the woman you chose to replace me with, Aaron. I don't know who she is, don't know anything about her, but it seems she makes you smile when I no longer do. I don't know where I'll go, but I ask you not look for me. You have obviously moved on from whatever it was our relationship ever meant to you. Allow me to mourn on my own and don't worry about me. I doubt I'll ever be fine, but maybe someday I'll be able to find what it is I want to live for. Spencer

Rossi finished reading the letter and looked up at Hotch, brown eyes smoldering in anger. "What did you do to him, Aaron?" he growled.

"I ended our relationship," Hotch replied. He picked up the small box and opened it. Two rings glittered in the light, and he could just make out some engraving on the inside of the bands, but couldn't read it.

"Give me that," Rossi snapped. He grabbed the box from Hotch's hand. "You don't get to touch anything that precious, Aaron. Not after you destroyed one of the best young men I have ever known. What the hell does he mean the woman you replaced him with?"

"Her name is Beth and I met her when I was out jogging one morning," Hotch said. "We hit it off and went for coffee together. Then dinner."

Rossi growled again. "Conveniently forgetting that you have a partner at home?"

"Maybe it's true what they say about dating co-workers," Hotch said. "I needed a break from Spencer."

"And the two of you are, or were, so glued together that you spent every waking moment of ever day together?" Rossi demanded. "So that wasn't Spencer I saw going to the movies with Morgan when you and I went to have dinner together. That wasn't you I saw at the coffee shop without Spencer while he was at the local used bookstore. You do not get to demean love like this, Aaron. I don't know when I've been so disappointed and disgusted with anyone in my life."
"Like you were always so loyal to your ex-wives," Hotch said.

Rossi slipped the box and letter into the inner pocket of his blazer and then straightened it. "You shouldn't say things that you don't know a damn thing about," he said, voice low. "I might not have been the best husband in the world, but I have never once cheated on a partner. There may be stories about me out there, but you have no right to accuse me of something that you are guilty of, Aaron."

Hotch shrugged but didn't say anything. Rossi bit back another growl. "This is why Spencer has been looking so sick for the past month," he said. "Because you broke his heart, kicked him out of his home, and took away the person he loved more than his own life. Spencer lost everything at once and had no one he could talk to." He picked up the badge and gun. "Are you even going to pretend to be concerned about Spencer, or are you still too focused on this bitch you seem to be willing to throw everything away for?"

"You don't get to talk about Beth like that," Hotch snapped.

"I'll talk about her however I damn well please," Rossi snapped back. "Does she even know that you broke up with your male partner of ten years to be with her? Does she care that she walked into the middle of something she had no business being in?"

"It's not her fault."

"No, you're right. It's not. The fault is solely with you for not telling her that you have a partner that you love more than anything but that you'd enjoy being friends with her," Rossi said. "Maybe that's the problem. You don't love Spencer anymore and took the excuse meeting someone new to throw him out on his ear. The young man that could and did take a bullet for you. The young man I'm not sure isn't going to try and kill himself within the next few days because he is too heart-broken to continue on his own. You might not care enough to go after him, Aaron, but I do. And I might just show him that he's worthy of love, too."

"Stay away from him, David."

"Why do you care? You don't want him anymore."

"He doesn't need any heartbreak."

"No, he doesn't. He's had enough of that because of you," Rossi snapped. "I'm going to find him and convince him that he doesn't need to retire. You need to think about what it is you did to him, and if you think it's even worth me attempting to convince him to return. Right now, I'm not sure that I'm not going to join him. Get a taxi back to work. If I have to be around you any longer, I'm going to puke."