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Summary: Ryan has been hurt numerous times by guys he dated. Horatio has helped him recover and they've been dating for the last two years. He finally finds true love after so long.

Updated: 20 Jun 2014; Published: 17 Jun 2014

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Story Notes:
Contains Mpreg.

Detective Ryan Jonathan Wolfe was in the Trace lab working on some paperwork after the case he cracked for the rest of his team and didn't see his boss/boyfriend watching him. Lieutenant Horatio Andrew Caine deeply loved the younger man and remembered the day Detective Timothy James "Speed" Speedle brought the emerald-eyed man to the Miami-Dade Crime Lab for a tour of the place. Ryan had been in patrol at the time and Speed wanted to show him everything to help him get a feel of becoming a CSI when he finished his masters in genetics and biomedical engineering. The patrol officer turned CSI came in when his best friend had been shot in the line of duty and took over until he was fit to return to work and go back into the field. Ryan nearly resigned from working at the lab because of Detectives Eric Fernando Vales Delko and Calleigh Miriam Duquesne treating him like an interloper. The young man stopped trying to be their friends and treated them like co-workers. Speed, Horatio and Doctor Alexx Woods only managed to get him to extend an olive branch to the couple after three years.

Ryan remembered his birthday was coming up and he was planning to just spend the day alone catching up on some of the reading he needed to do for his class. Calleigh and Eric were passing the Trace lab and looked at their co-worker, knowing it was their faults for treating him like he didn't belong. All he wanted to do was keep the caseload from piling up until Speed was able to come back to work once he was cleared medically by his doctor. The younger man was dating their boss/best friend and he only came to functions if the whole team needed to be present. Other than that, he avoided being in the same room as them and only extended an olive branch out of common courtesy because they worked together.