Unstoppable by Tiffany F [ - ]
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Category: Crossovers > Slashed, CSI: Miami - Slashed > Horatio/Speed
Characters: Alexx Woods, Calleigh Duquesne, Catherine Willows, Danny Messer, Don Flack, Eric Delko, Frank Tripp, Gil Grissom, Greg Sanders, Horatio Caine, Jim Brass, Mac Taylor, Nick Stokes, Original Character, Other, Sofia Curtis, Tim Speedle, Warrick Brown
Rating: NC-17
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Episode Related, Established Relationship, Humour, Supernatural
Warnings: Adult themes, Death of canon character

Summary: When two ancient vampires arrive in Miami to try and fulfill a long-held goal of their bloodline, nothing will ever be the same again. Don't own, don't claim, no money made. This is for Helena as an apology for a story I promised her and cannot figure out a way to write. I really hope you enjoy this one and can forgive me.

In the times before movies, the word vampire was enough to cause a village to shut its doors in terror, bold the windows and pray for daylight to save them all. Cures were creative and rarely, if ever worked. Humans lived in fear of the walking dead. When vampires made their way to the movie screen, suddenly they were handsome. They had charisma. They had style. Most of all, they had money and the girls, and over time, some people decided that they wanted to be vampires when they grew up. Living the life of the living dead, a corpse that never rotted, never grew old, never died held an allure to those who, ultimately, feared death. Books, clubs, movies, even t-shirts fed into the mainstream as the lore surrounding vampires expanded and exploded into the light.

From the shadows, vampires watched, amused, as humans got every single fact completely wrong. When vampire cartoons and cereal came on the market, they decided it was safe to venture out into the world again. Hiding in plain sight was one of the things vampires were very good at. It was one reason the scared villagers of old always overlooked them.

One of the most powerful pairings in history traveled to Miami, following a vision of the founder of their bloodline. Fire and Ice arrived first and found work with the Miami-Dade Police Department and, eventually, with their crime lab. Once he was settled, when an opening appeared, he sent for his mate. Wind and Waves arrived and they started to work towards the goal of their bloodline.

Apart they were powerful. Together, they were unstoppable.