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Category: Crossovers > Slashed
Characters: Horatio Caine, Mac Taylor
Rating: NC-17
Genres: Episode Related, First Time, PWP - Plot, What Plot?
Warnings: None

Summary: This is yet another way that Horatio Caine and Mac Taylor could have started a relationship when Horatio went north chasing a killer. Slight spoilers for MIA-NYC Nonstop.

Story Notes:
Very, very AU.

Author's Chapter Notes:
I know this is unlikely but the bunny came to me when I was trying to go to sleep and jumped up and down on my chest until I agreed to write it.

Mac heard the floor creek behind him and glanced back. And almost fell flat on his ass. The sun had come out and was shining through the window casting a halo of light around the other man. He had vibrant red hair, pale but obviously freckled skin and dark sunglasses hiding his eyes. The man was wearing a plain white dress shirt, gray slacks and a long black coat. A badge, ID card and gun were on his black belt. Mac finally found his voice. "Can I help you?"

"My name is Caine, Miami, CSI. I'm investigating a double murder case."

He took off his sunglasses and Mac was instantly taken with the other man's blue eyes. "Detective Mac Taylor, Crime Scene Unit First Grade; I'm listening." And he was. Mac was absorbing every word spoken in that deep, calm voice.

He knew that he was lost, that he had to make a move at some point. And it was petty of him but Mac was mad when Danny walked in and took Caine's attention away. What was wrong with him? Mac had only laid eyes on the Miami CSI half an hour ago and now he was acting like a jealous lover. He growled to himself. It was going to be a long case.

It didn't take much to convince Horatio to join him for dinner that night. As they talked the two men found they had a lot in common and it only strengthened the bonds of friendship that had started to grow at the initial crime scene.

It took a little more effort to convince Horatio to go back to his apartment for a drink. Mac wondered if the other man had picked up on his more carnal interest and didn't know how to tell Mac he wasn't interested.

"Are you okay, Horatio?" Mac asked as he settled at the other end of the sofa, drink in hand. "You seem awfully tense all of a sudden."

"I'm fine," Horatio replied not meeting Mac's eyes.

Mac chuckled. "Do you want to try that again, Lieutenant?" he teased. "Because right now I seriously doubt you'd convince a trainee."

"That obvious, huh?" Horatio grinned. "Would you believe me if I said it was embarrassing?"

"As you're looking me in the eye this time, yes," Mac smiled. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"No, its okay," Horatio said. He took a deep breath. "I've never done this before."

"You've never had a drink with a friend after a rather good supper?"

"Don't tease, Mac, please," Horatio said. He set his glass down on the coffee table and buried his face in his hands.

Mac put his drink down as well and shifted closer, putting a hand on Horatio's shoulder. "I'm sorry, Horatio," he said. "So what have you done with men or women?"

"That's just it, Mac, I haven't," Horatio said his voice muffled. "I never had time when I was a kid and then I just dedicated myself to the job."

"No one caught your eye?"

"One of twice but I didn't think they'd want me because I don't have experience," Horatio admitted. "And I was afraid they'd laugh at me."

"You've jerked off though?" Mac asked almost afraid to hear the answer.

Horatio shrugged. "It's never done much for me."

The older man was flummoxed. When he'd pictured himself with Horatio it wasn't in the role of a teacher. But the idea wasn't repellant. In fact the thought that Horatio had never been touched was very, very arousing. He shifted a little trying to relieve the pressure on his growing erection. Then he reached out and pulled Horatio's hand away from his face. "Tell me if I go too far," he said softly.

Horatio's wonderful blue eyes widened in shock as Mac leaned in, closing the distance between them, and pressed their lips together. He felt his eyes close as Mac's soft but dry lips caressed and rubbed over his. He wasn't entirely sure what he was supposed to do with his hands and finally settled for leaving them where they were; in his lap encased by Mac's.

A slick wetness against his lips startled him and Horatio pulled back with a gasp. "Mac?"

"Shh, its okay, Horatio," Mac whispered roughly. "Just let me teach you what to do. Let me love you."

"Don't we have to be in bed?" Horatio asked a little puzzled.

"It's not a requirement but we can if you'd be more comfortable," Mac said.

"I'm honestly not sure," Horatio replied. "Do we have to get undressed?"

Mac grinned and stood, watching as Horatio's eyes widened when he caught sight of the erection bulging behind Mac's zipper. "I'd rather not have shoes in my bed but everything else can stay on if you want."

Horatio reached out towards Mac and let his hand drop suddenly. Mac grabbed Horatio's left hand, kissed the palm and slowly guided it to his erection. He expected Horatio to pull away and moaned softly when he felt tentative fingers on him. He watched Horatio's face for any signs of discomfort or panic as the fingers grew bolder in their exploration.

The red head jerked back when Mac's hips moved. "Sorry," he said looking down.

"For what?" Mac asked. He pulled Horatio to his feet, attached his mouth to his lover's neck and started to guide them towards the bedroom.

"Being so jumpy," Horatio replied. "I want this, I do, but it's so new."

Mac pushed Horatio up against the hall wall and pressed their cloth-covered erections together. Horatio's eyes closed as Mac thrust slowly against him. "We'll just have to do this enough that the jumpiness vanishes," he purred. Mac attacked Horatio's mouth, tongue slipping in when the red head gasped. He knew his best option at that point was to get Horatio so lost on arousal that his nerves vanished. It took a little effort and coordination but Mac eventually got his hips and tongue thrusting at the same time.

Horatio's hands had attached to Mac's hips but started a slow journey up Mac's back and then just as slowly back down bypassing his hips and cupping his ass, pulling him in closer. Mac moaned into Horatio's mouth as the speed of his thrusts increased until he felt Horatio stiffen against him and knew his new lover had just climaxed.


"It's never been like that," Horatio panted, his body shuddering gently. "I want to learn more."

"Come here," Mac said pulling Horatio in for another kiss, tongue skillfully opening Horatio's lips and exploring his mouth. He moaned when he felt Horatio's tongue tentatively brush up against his own. He ran his hands up into Horatio's red hair and held his head in place as he deepened and took control of the kiss.

When they finally broke apart for air Mac pulled Horatio down the hall to his bedroom. "Tell me when you get uncomfortable, H," Mac said. "And I promise to stop then and there."

"I trust you," Horatio smiled.

Mac leaned in and started another deep kiss. He slowly ghosted his fingers up Horatio's arms and across to his chest. One by one he eased the white buttons through the button holes and pushed the shirt off and it fell to the floor.

"A black t-shirt under a white dress shirt?" Mac asked as he kissed and nipped along Horatio's jaw and neck.

"It helps keep me from getting sunburned," Horatio managed to gasp. He could feel his body starting to respond again and wasn't sure but thought that men in their mid-40s couldn't get hard again so fast without some kind of drug.

"On or off?" Mac asked. His hands were up under the shirt and he caught his lover's shiver.

"Will you take yours off too?"

In reply Mac quickly undid his blue dress shirt and dropped it along with his white tank top to the floor. Horatio reached out and touched the scar over Mac's heart. "What happened?"

"The Beirut bombing in 1983," Mac said.

"I'm sorry."

"We lost good men that day." Mac's hand covered Horatio's and squeezed. "How do you feel about taking off your t-shirt?"

"Why do I suspect you have plans for me?" Horatio asked. He pulled off the shirt and let it fall to the floor. "Now what?"

"Kick off your shoes and climb on the bed."

"What are you thinking?"

"I want to spend some time tasting you," Mac replied. "And see if I can work out your hot spots. Ultimately I'd love to have us both naked by the end of the night but it doesn't have to happen."

Horatio shifted. "These slacks are getting a little uncomfortable," he said.

"In that case let me get you a washcloth, you get cleaned up and under the covers," Mac said. "Then I'll join you."

One he was in the hall waiting for Horatio to call him back in, Mac's erection made itself known with feeling. He undid his black slacks and let them fall to the floor and took off his socks. Mac knew there was no way he'd be able to get Horatio to relax enough to get inside him but Mac didn't mind being on the receiving end and just hoped Horatio would last long enough to get that far.

"Mac," Horatio called softly from the bedroom.

The dark-haired detective went back in and paused at the sight of Horatio in his bed, covers around his waist, staring at him. "How are you feeling, H?"

"Nervous," Horatio replied his eyes locked on Mac's boxer shorts.

"Do you want to stop?" Mac asked. He crawled onto the bed and knelt next to Horatio's right hip.

"No," Horatio said, swallowing hard.

Mac reached out and ran his hands along Horatio's bare chest watching his lover's face the whole time. Horatio's eyes fluttered closed and he forced them open only to have them close again. Mac grinned and leaned in to kiss Horatio gently, swallowing the red head's moan as he deepened the kiss. Horatio's tongue was a little bolder this time and Mac lured it into his mouth, groaning as Horatio slowly explored. He shifted his weight a little so he could run his right hand down to Horatio's peaked nipple and played with it gently. Horatio's back arched up a little and he broke out of the kiss with a gasp. Mac grinned and latched onto Horatio's jaw, kissed along to his ear and spent several minutes licking and sucking Horatio's right ear while still pinching and rolling his nipple and then started a slow journey south. He found a small hot spot at the base of Horatio's neck where it joined his shoulder and Mac bit down, not hard enough to bruise, but enough to mark it for an hour or so. By this time Horatio's hands were clutching the covers tightly and his body was tense.

"Are you doing okay?" Mac asked softly, nipping along Horatio's collar bone.

"Yeah," Horatio panted in reply. He cried out when Mac's mouth found a nipple and closed on it, sucking and then biting gently. Mac spent some time working on Horatio's nipples before he pulled back and looked down at his now flushed and gasping lover.

"Do you want more?"

"What, what do you have in mind?" Horatio asked trying to get his breath back.
In reply Mac reached into his bedside table and pulled out some lube and a condom. The color drained out of Horatio's face and he pulled the covers up as if he was trying to hide under them. "Hey," Mac said. "Hey, let me explain what I'm thinking here."

"Okay," Horatio said, the blankets almost up to his chin.

"This is going to go on you," Mac said holding up the foil packet. "And then I'll show you how to use the lube to get me ready and then, if you're up to it, you'll get to slide slowly into my body and make love with me. How does that sound?"

"Like I could seriously hurt you," Horatio replied. But his hands loosened a little on the covers.

"Only if we try to move too fast," Mac said. "Come on, let me have the covers, Horatio. We can't do anything if they stay where they are."

"What about you?"

"Do you want me to take off my boxers first?" Mac asked.


Mac smiled, leaned in to kiss Horatio again deeply and pulled back. He left the lube and foil packet on the bed next to Horatio's pillow and stood up slowly. Mac eased out of the boxers and dropped them to the floor, keeping an eye on Horatio's face the whole time. He'd hoped that, by the time they were in bed with nothing between them, that his lover would have relaxed a little more but it didn't seem like he was going to. Mac sighed softly to himself and settled back onto the bed, gently easing the covers out of Horatio's hands and down until they were on the floor at the foot of the bed. Then, with a small smile, he leaned in and licked the head of Horatio's erection, hands only just managing to grab Horatio's hips as they thrust up towards the warm, wet heat. Mac spent a few minutes licking and teasing Horatio before he opened his mouth and carefully took the head in, sucking gently.

"Mac," Horatio groaned, his eyes dropping closed as his head fell back on the pillow. "So good."

Mac knew that Horatio wouldn't last long if he overdid on the stimulation and he really, really wanted to feel his lover in him. So after far too short a time, in both their minds, he pulled back and reached for the condom and lube. Horatio managed to force his eyes open just as he felt the latex being smoothed over him.

"Watch, H," Mac said. He warmed some of the lube on his hands and then reached around and slid two fingers into his ass, pausing only for a moment to adjust to the angle rather than the penetration. Mac cracked his eyes open and saw that Horatio's eyes were glued to his hand as he started to move and stretch his body getting ready for Horatio's cock. After a couple of minutes he pulled his fingers out, added more lube and slid three fingers back in, moaning at the sensation thinking about how good Horatio would feel in him.

"Are you ready?" Mac asked.

Horatio nodded, swallowing hard. Mac smiled, reached for the lube again and carefully slicked Horatio's erection. The he straddled Horatio's hips, leaned in and kissed him before sitting up and slowly impaling himself on Horatio's cock. Mac moved slowly, both to give his body time to adjust to the intrusion but also to be sure that Horatio would last long enough to get them both to the peak of pleasure.

"Mac," Horatio moaned deep in his throat. His hands went to Mac's hips and gripped tightly. After what seemed like an eternity to him, Mac stilled, hands braced on Horatio's shoulders. "So good."

The older man moaned his agreement and lifted up just as slowly before dropping down, Horatio's hands helping his movements. Mac moved a few more times and then stilled. "We need to shift me onto my back, Horatio," he said.

"How?" Horatio asked.

"Up, out, off, over and back in," Mac replied. "And then you're in control."

It took some coordination that Mac was a little surprised they both had at that point and he groaned as Horatio slid back into him. "Change the angle of your thrusts," he panted as Horatio started moving. "You're searching for, yes!"

Horatio leaned down and initiated a deep kiss between them for the first time. Mac's hands tangled in Horatio's red hair again as his tongue slid against Horatio's and his legs wrapped up around his lover's hips, the change in angle allowing Horatio to slide in deeper.

"I'm not going to last," Horatio panted in-between kisses.

"Come for me, Horatio," Mac replied. He slid a hand between their bodies and wrapped a hand around his erection, stroking sharply. Horatio managed a couple more thrusts before his body seized up in a strong climax. Mac stroked himself a half dozen more times and came, the pleasure washing through his body.

"Horatio?" he asked.

"'m, okay," a muffled voice replied against Mac's neck.

It took some doing but Mac eventually managed to roll Horatio onto his back and stagger into the bathroom for another washcloth to clean them both up. Then he gathered up the blankets, curled up next to his lover and fell asleep.