First Date by Sydne [ - ]
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Category: CSI - Ship Ahoy! > Jim Brass/Sofia Curtis
Characters: Jim Brass, Sofia Curtis
Rating: PG-13
Genres: First Time, Friendship, Pre-relationship, Romance
Warnings: None

Summary: Brass and Sofia have their first date

Jim Brass walked into the Las Vegas Crime Lab. As he went down the hallway to his office, he noticed that several officers stared at him. It was his first day back to work since he was declared the shooter of Officer Bell. He knew there would be scrutiny from his fellow officers, but he didn't realize it would be so painful.

When he reached his office, he opened the door and went inside. Looking around the room, he noticed that nothing had been moved in his absence. Taking off his blazer, he hung it up on the hook by the door and sat down at his desk. Running his fingers over the top of the desk, he was surprised at how emotional he felt. He was glad to be back at work, but deep down he was scared that other members of the force wouldn't trust him.

Brass laid the messages that he had gotten from Judy on his desk and started to go sort them. He tossed them into three piles. One pile that needed immediate attention he put in the center of the desk. The other two he put aside. One was to read at his leisure, the other he threw in the garbage.

As he reached for the phone to start returning calls, there was a knock on the door. Brass looked up to see Ortega standing in the doorway.

"How can I help you?"

Ortega walked over to Brass' desk and laid his hands down on each side of the nameplate sitting there.

"I'm going to be watching you. Don't forget that fact," Ortega growled.

Brass stood up and returned Ortega's glare.

"I won't forget. Now get out of my office," he shouted.

Ortega stepped back from Brass' desk and headed to the door. He paused when he reached it and glared at Brass.

"Don't forget or make a mistake. I WILL take you down."

"Get out of here," Brass' roared.

Ortega angrily stomped out of the office and slammed the door shut.

Brass slumped back into his chair as he thought, "I hope the whole day doesn't go like this."

After taking a few moments to calm down, he started to return phone calls again. He worked steadily and after a few hours, he had all necessary calls returned.

Before starting on the second pile of calls, he decided to go get a cup of coffee. Leaving his office, he walked down the hall and entered the break room. He went to the coffee machine and started to pour himself a cup of coffee when he heard noise behind him. Setting the coffee pot down, he turned to find Catherine and Greg standing behind him.

"Jim, its so good to see you!" The pretty redhead said.

"Yeah, welcome back," Greg, said happily.

"Thanks, guys. It nice to know someone here is happy to see me."

"You're kidding me right," Catherine scoffed.

"I wish I were."

Greg walked over to the coffee machine and poured himself a cup. Looking at Catherine, he lifted to pot as if to ask, "You too?"

Catherine nodded as she sat down at the table. She gestured for Jim to join her. He took a seat next to the CSI and toyed with his coffee cup.

Greg walked over and handed her a cup. Sensing that the other two could use a few moments of privacy, he decided to go to the lab.

"Hey, Cath. I'm going to go check on the trace evidence I left with Hodges."

Smiling at him, Catherine responded, "Thanks, Greg. I'll catch up with you there."

As Greg left the room, she turned her attention back to Brass. She saw the slump in his shoulders and the tension around his eyes.

"Jim, you know its going to be okay don't you?"

"Yeah, right. The other officers will always see me as the cop killer."

"No they won't, Jim. They know you're a good officer. Give them time."

"I'll try, but it's going to be difficult."

At that moment, Detective Sofia Curtis walked into the break room. She noted the close proximity of Brass and Catherine and the hushed tone of their conversation.

"Hey, what's up?"

Catherine looked at the svelte blonde, smiled and said, "Not much, just having a friendly chat."

Catherine noticed the desolate look that Brass was giving Sofia. She thought for a moment and decided that the detective could probably help him more than she could. To make a quick exit, she stood up and said, "I need to catch up to Greg. You two take care." Jim watched Catherine leave and turned his attention to Sofia.

"I'm really glad to see you," he told her.

Sofia walked over to him and sat down in the seat recently vacated by Catherine.

"Are things bad, Jim?"

"Yeah. I'm not very well liked around here."

She placed her hand on his arm and gave it a soft rub.

"It'll be okay. Just give them time."

He laid his hand on top of hers. "Thanks, Sofia."

They paused and their gaze locked with one another. Blue eyes stared into blue eyes and the tension built between them. They stayed like that for a short span of time before he pulled his hand away.

"Jim, lets go do something on our next night off?" Sofia blurted out before she lost her nerve.

"Sofia, are you asking as a friend or as something more?"

She gazed at him and considered what he had asked. After a moment's pause, she replied, "Something more."

"In that case, I'd be honored to go out with you. My next night off is on Saturday. How about you?"

"I'll make sure I get Saturday off."

They spent a few moments discussing who would pick whom up and what time. After getting the particulars worked out they left the police station. He watched her walk to her car, get in and drive off.

Exhaling a held breath, he turned and went back walked back to the crime lab offices. His head was held a bit higher, his shoulders a bit stiffer, and this time when he entered the building there was a smile on his face.