Reviews For The End

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Reviewer: jayceepat (Anonymous)
15 Mar 2008 05:03 pm
Why do people always think tears are a bad thing? Sometimes they are healing and I'm really being healed right now. The first long story I wrote was called 'Life Changes' and I took my pair, Nick/Greg through to the end. It was satisfying in the same way this one is satisfying. I've read Gil and Vanessa from the time you first started writing them back when I still adored Gil Grissom and thought of him as a hero. I'm happy to come to the end with them also.

Beautifully done, my dear.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it. I'm always a little nervous about posting my work, to see what sort of response it will get, but I really wasn't sure whether this one would fly or not. But it was like an ear worm...I got one of the opening scenes in my head and it would not leave until I wrote this down. I tried to give Grissom the dignity he deserved, and Vanessa got to choose her time. Personally, I have a hard time fathoming what I'd do without my better half. At the risk of sounding disturbed, I can see myself in Vanessa should the circumstances around our 'end' be similar.rnrnI take a certain amount of consolation that we can adore Gil Grissom still through fanfiction.