Reviews For All Heaven's Rage

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Reviewer: NickGregfan (Signed)
12 Mar 2009 07:08 pm

This story was awesome. I loved how Speed risked exposing his true nature in front of Horatio in order to save his soul. It goes to show you that true love is the only protection that will keep a soul pure and purged of darkness.
All Heaven's Rage

Reviewer: murgy31 (Signed)
27 Sep 2008 01:02 am

That was awesome
All Heaven's Rage

Reviewer: Auds (Anonymous)
21 Jun 2008 03:45 pm

Great story.
All Heaven's Rage

Reviewer: daxy (Anonymous)
23 Oct 2007 01:20 pm

wow, I love this story! Its fantastic!=D
All Heaven's Rage