Reviews For Autonomy: Adendum

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Reviewer: kristen (Anonymous)
07 Dec 2006 01:26 am

I've never read the previous installment, but I liked how you wrote from Gil' POV and in first person, thats a very tough chore to do. You gave Grissom a more human side, which is rare from the colder shell he typicaly written from. Just one thing though, Nick was buried for 24 hours, not 12, and that has an even bigger impact on his mental health.

Author's Response: Man, I knew I was gonna bugger something! Unfortunately, my best had borrowed my season five while I was writing this and I haven't gotten it back yet. Glad you liked it anyway. It was tough writing Grissom in first person, and I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, so getting good feedback is helpful.

Reviewer: csifan (Anonymous)
06 Dec 2006 01:12 am

Hey you, That really hit the spot. Your amazing knack for capturing the spirit of our beloved characters is truly inspiring. Thank you once again for sharing your remarkable talent with us all. C. Long live V&G ;)

Author's Response: Don't know that I'd call it talent or remarkable, but I'm glad you liked it anyway. :)