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Reviewer: pj (Anonymous)
13 Sep 2006 09:52 pm
I finally got to read this chapter and wow did it pack a mighty punch. I enjoyed the Grissom family and their protectiveness toward Gil. I also liked the confrontation with Helen. Looking forward to more stories. Thanks for a great read.

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback! I just posted another one -- the final-final (I mean it this time) chapter. I'm also working on two other pieces that I should be able to post soon.
Part Eight
Reviewer: pj (Anonymous)
19 Aug 2006 07:52 pm
This is an extremely well written, well thought out story. I love the Grissom character and Vanessa is just a feisty enough woman to liven him up. Great chapter with Gerard and the Grissom angst, my favorite.

Author's Response: How did someone know I needed a review today?? :) I'm not kidding, either. I'm glad to be getting good feedback on that chapter. I was a little nervous about posting it -- thought it might be too angsty! One more chapter in this story, but there'll be more Grissom/Vanessa stories.
Part Seven
Reviewer: joyceanna (Anonymous)
15 Aug 2006 03:52 am
csi-fan, I agree with you 100%, there. its such a good story. People are missing out on a terrific story, when they don't read it... I think its awesome. I'm glad I convinced her, to put this story out. ( note to Author) good job, girl. keep it comin, for your fans.

Author's Response: You guys are too nice. I'm glad that you convinced me to post, too, Joyceanna. csi-fan: thank you also for your encouragement and help.
Part One
Reviewer: csifan (Anonymous)
14 Aug 2006 04:18 am
As usual - awesome. I almost missed out on reviewing this one. Really loved the introduction of some friction between Vanessa and Gil. We all knew they had to clash over something and it makes perfect sense that it would be over Vanessa's free spirit verses Gil's need to protect his woman. Superbly done! Thanks again. By the way, I don't know if you can view the amount of readers for this story but I can only guess that there are piles of people who are reading this FABULOUS story and not reviewing. Pity - you deserve better!
Part Five
Reviewer: Leinney Moorlyn (Anonymous)
07 Aug 2006 02:20 am
I really like this story. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Glad you're enjoying this and I hope you keep enjoying it! I've got about two more parts to post.
Part One
Reviewer: lilyvonschtup (Anonymous)
06 Aug 2006 10:11 pm
Okay -- live and learn. This thing does not do footnotes. Anyone wanting translation, just email or post in review.
Part Six
Reviewer: csifan (Anonymous)
30 Jul 2006 07:38 pm
Well I've gone and done it! I was too greedy with this story and couldn't stop myself from reading more, so now I must wait patiently (about as patient as Vanessa) for more of the story to be posted. By the way, regarding your comments about not being good with chronological writing, I'm sure I speak for all readers when I say that after reading your outstanding offerings thus far, I'll take whatever you see fit to post! This chapter was a doozy! If the last one was liberal with tribulations, this one was 'trial city'! I was really feeling sorry for our duo in this one. The way you brought in Aaron, Ruth and Eleanor was awesome and hilarious and sweet. It was definitely not a pleasure to meet up again with Gerard or Fromansky but they certainly should make life interesting for all concerned. I have come to really love Vanessa and with every segment, I fall a little more in love with the bugman. Okay, now the line that had me laughing for a good five minutes - "To Vanessa, it was the butt-crack of dawn". Wait a minute, scratch the five minutes; I'm still laughing.

Author's Response: Hope I'm not getting too "drama mama" with it. I'm glad the humor is coming through, though! I'll post another chapter soon. Just wanna throw some finishing touches on it because it was one that felt a little...well...unfinished. Thanks again!

Author's Response: Sorry for two part response. You mentioned that I should have gone more into Grissom's reaction to the incidents in Grave Danger. Going back over things, I think I've maybe found a way to do patient. Is it Furmansky or Fromansky?
Part Four
Reviewer: csifan (Anonymous)
30 Jul 2006 04:22 am
Hello again. I've never reviewed a story so much but I'm loving everything about this story. I know you said this part was going to be exceedingly fluffy but there's so much substance in your writing that I really don't think you need to warn people about fluff. This is just a beautiful story about a couple that really loves eachother and shares trials and tribulations. It just so happens that this part had lots of relationship-oriented tribulations and I can't get over the enchanting way you detail their loving. Thanks again for this - you rock - please keep writing this (or sequels) forever. Too much to ask? I figured it was worth a shot :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it! As I said, I really wasn't sure about publishing because I've always considered myself a much better analytical writer. And no, that may very well be not too much to ask -- I have no idea how to actually end this. I have a few other chapters prepared, but there's by no means any concept of an over all wrap up yet. Just mind -- I'm experimenting and I don't tend to write in a sequential time line, so chronology may end up a little jumpy at times.
Part Three
Reviewer: csifan (Anonymous)
29 Jul 2006 08:31 pm
Well, lilyvonschtup, again you've outdone yourself. I'm purposely reading this slowly and savouring a well-crafted piece of art. And, believe me that, like Vanessa, I mean everything I say about your work. This reality of life with Vanessa and Gil is making me feel so 'at home' and perfectly content. When I saw that you brought in Nick's 'Grave Danger', I figured you did that to explore the impact on Gil (physically and emotionally) especially now that he had his own personal support system, so I was a bit disappointed that it was only mentioned but the story moved on to such wonderful slices of life that I quickly got over it. The drama with Lindsey and the way V&G worked together as a duo was really great and the way they balance eachother out and talk to eachother is just very true to life. Obviously, you must be very in tune with human nature and you've masterfully created an original character that is a 'woman's woman' and through Gil, is realizing her ability to be a 'man's woman'. Likewise, she's bringing all of the qualities out in Gil that makes him so loved by women. Now that I've finished part 2, I think I'm going to go cut lawn for a few hours and digest what I read so it's not over too soon. No, I'm not nuts, I just really enjoy a good read and this is definitely one of those. Thanks again and I'll respond after reading part 3. BTW, glad my review perked you up last night, you deserve it and as far as your fiance and his brother go, they're welcome :)

Author's Response: You know, I should have gone into the whole aftermath of "Grave Danger." That paragraph came in as I was trying to establish a timeline and slipped through the cracks somehow. Thanks for the review. In a sense, this has been a grounds for experimentation for me in the arena of fiction, and I'm getting braver as I keep writing! And believe it or not, I posted because of a pact with my beta. I really didn't think people would enjoy this.
Chapters 9 - 12
Reviewer: csifan (Anonymous)
29 Jul 2006 02:14 am
All I can say is WOW! This is a fabulous story and so well written. And really super long so I get to enjoy it longer - this is heavenly (happy sigh). Grissom is right in character and beautifully written. This is exactly how I imagine him to be with the right woman, and Vanessa is definitely looking like a good match - smart, funny, no-nonsense but warm and caring. I'm loving these two together! Can't wait to read the next part. Feel free to make this a looong series :)

Author's Response: You brightened my Friday night -- you may have even gotten my fiance and his brother out of the dog house. I'm sure they send their thanks :). I'm glad to hear that the length isn't acting as a deterrent. Especially since I have no idea how this whole thing is going to wind up. And I don't tend to write on consequential order. Thank you so much for the review! I'm looking forward to more.
Part One
Reviewer: joyceanna (Anonymous)
16 Jul 2006 04:28 am
you're welcome my friend, and thank you too. I told you, it was a great story. to all readers, review the story, its good.!

Author's Response: Joyceanna: what would I do without you! I probably would never have written this, and never posted what I'd written. I owe ya1
Part One
Reviewer: sillygirl (Anonymous)
13 Jul 2006 05:22 am
Wow, Please continue this story! Thank you for this wonderful Part One, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks for the positive feedback! I'll try to keep people posted when I add new sections.
Part One
Reviewer: K (Anonymous)
12 Jul 2006 05:05 am
This is the type of story that is rare and most welcome. Everyone is in character, it is intelligent, well written and I look forward to its continuation.

Author's Response: Its so great to have my first review! More reviews welcome as I keep posting... :)
Part One