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Reviewer: Lady Maria (Signed)
09 Apr 2006 11:47 pm

I admit it: I don't actually like CSI: Miami, but I do like some of the fic. This is a story where I have no idea or even a small *inkling* of who one of the characters is, but I like it anyway. That make sense? I do hope to see more of this pairing though, because you seem to have captured Speed well.

Author's Response: I completely understand the whole "hate the show: love the fic" thing (I may or may not have read the occasional SG:A fic, but you can't prove anything). I'm happy that you enjoyed this, and that you enjoyed it in spite of the fandom and without knowing one of the main characters is just really nice to hear. Thank you very much.
A Day Like Today

Reviewer: RachelRiott (Signed)
31 Mar 2006 09:23 am

I was a little unsure when I saw the summary for this story but I decided to give it a shot and boy am I glad I did. This story was beautifully writen, "he ran the tips of his fingers along them like a new kind of braille." being my favorite line. I enjoyed your insight into Speed's psyche and I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Author's Response: Thanks for giving it a try despite the dodgy summary (I never know what to put for those!). I'm really glad that you liked it and thank you very much for the lovely feedback.
A Day Like Today

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