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Reviewer: yasi (Anonymous)
28 Oct 2006 04:44 pm
I have so much love for your stories!!! And now for another...
Reviewer: Dreamer (Anonymous)
26 Oct 2006 02:13 am
Well damn. That was a good one. I'm impressed. Keep up the good work.
Reviewer: Dinny (Signed)
17 Apr 2006 12:40 pm
Interesting interpretation. The idea is unusual. You can write a book.
Reviewer: Alyssa Adams (Signed)
31 Mar 2006 10:37 am
This is the most imaginative piece of fan fic I have read in years! I love the way you worked in several subsiduary characters and put a spin on them. And the way it came together at the end - that final line just made me grin from ear to ear.
Reviewer: AzureHart (Signed)
29 Nov 2005 10:36 am
Usually I don't go for AUs, but this was so well written that I was immedeatly pulled into the story. Thank you for a great read!