Reviews For Noctuary

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Reviewer: singingstarryknights (Anonymous)
13 Apr 2007 03:43 am

this was the absolute most beautiful piece of writing i've ever found... and the previous relationship was so original, and so unusual.... i loved it so much. sweet and loving, but hot and steamy and primal, i loved it.

Reviewer: Virrig (Anonymous)
22 Jul 2005 11:44 am

You write so well! This was simply a great piece of smut. Good work, and thanks for sharing!

Reviewer: Sunhawk (Anonymous)
22 Jul 2005 06:40 am

lovely little lust fic. I'm not really fond of using the word breasts for men's chests, though. As well, the idea of someone who likes control, like you've written Calleigh, having sex without a condom doesn't exactly fit to me. Anyhoo, just my two cents :)