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Reviewer: Catherine__Grissom (Anonymous)
13 Feb 2007 09:06 am

wow, great job! I'll have to add this one to my favorites later :D
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Reviewer: Calatio (Anonymous)
04 Aug 2005 05:08 am

very very nice. I enjoyed it immensly. Write more HC stories!!!

Author's Response: HEE! Thank you so much! I can tell you that there are at least 2 more H/C stories on the way. :)
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Reviewer: lisa (Anonymous)
19 Aug 2004 05:38 pm

That was such a cute story! Please write more!

Author's Response: Thank you! ;) I do have an idea for a sequel, but it's still in the works. Thanks again. I'm glad you liked it, Hgirl
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