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Danny never hung out with the Tanglewood boys, though Louie did, instead he followed in his grandfather's military footsteps and joined the Marines BEFORE 9/11. After the attacks on the Towers, he was sent overseas where he's injured. This results in him being given a medical discharge. Still wanting to do good, to protect and serve, he joins the NYPD and becomes a CSI. How does this change effect his career and what role does it play in his relationship with Mac?

A work of fiction containing a series of late night phone calls or rather confessions between two of the most prolific criminalists in the United States, after their shifts are over.

It should contain the beginnings of their relationship, to them falling in love and finally meeting in person. The original reason why they speak on the phone is up to the writer, but there should be an immediate connection between the two of them.
Categories: Crossovers > Slashed Characters: Danny Messer, Greg Sanders

Claire didn't die on 9/11. Instead she and Mac realize they are missing something from their relationship. They realize just what is missing when Danny joins the lab. They decide to bring the young detective into their relationship. Protective Mac and Claire.